12th July 2017 - Work to date

Following on from a number of working parties on 'The Dame' a fair amount has been achieved. As follows:

Storage containers are now on site at Grosmont. These will help to keep all components safely and securely stored while the overhaul is underway.

Work on 3672 done to date:

  • Superheater Header removed
  • All elements removed
  • All flue tubes and small tubes removed
  • Fittings removed and labeled from the cab
  • Cladding removed around the firebox
  • Brake linkages on tender freed off
  • Tender mountings peeped for tender to be split from chassis
  • Lubricator removed and lubricationpipr work removed and tagged
  • New smokebox identified in storage area
  • New loco dragbox identified in storage area

More working parties are planned. If you want to get involved, please contact us for details.