Become a Vera Volunteer

If you would like to help us with the physical side of the overhaul of Vera you will need to become a working member of the NYMR, if you aren't already, and have undergone a Safety Briefing around the shed (which introduces you to the hazards of working on a running railway and yard).

You can Contact Us to find out more or alternatively head over the the NYMR Volunteering page and fill in the form.

During the line's special events and galas, the best way to promote the appeal is for us to run stalls and specials. We have had Pie & Pea and also Curry specials trains; we also run our own stall. These take manpower to help organise and also ensure it is a success. We are always looking for volunteers to help us out.

Our next event: NYMR Autumn Gala (29th Sept - 1st Oct 2017)

Please visit our Contact Us page if you can help us with these!